Wednesday, April 17, 2013

24 weeks

My pregnancy is speeding along! I'm 24 weeks today and have been enjoying feeling a very active baby tumbling and kicking about inside me. S and Baby have been able to feel some kicks too. Or baby "high fives" as we've been suggesting to Baby.

So far, knock on wood, my pregnancy has been going really well. The nausea I was feeling early on disappeared quite some time ago. I've had a couple bouts of heart burn but nothing consistent or too bad (I had nasty heart burn for most of my pregnancy with Baby). I'm enjoying seeing my belly expand and round out. All the testing I've had done so far have shown a very healthy baby.

I still have a lot of anxiety about this pregnancy however. I worry that something will go wrong. Before the baby is born, during birth or that the baby will be born with something terribly wrong with it. It's hard when these thoughts take over but I can usually dispel them by just focusing on how much I love, and will continue to love, this baby no matter what happens.

S seems a bit more interested in the pregnancy. She hasn't really asked many questions or wanted to talk about it too much. It's hard on me because I feel alone sometimes but I can understand her apprehension in getting too close. I've actually found that not many people at all are showing much interest in this pregnancy. I feel bad for subsequent children as they really don't seem to get the attention that first borns do. I also realized the other day that S hasn't taken any photos of me while pregnant - not the "show me your belly" photos anyway. We've been so busy that I've forgotten as well. Hence the absence of photos here of my pregnant self! I will try and get a few so I can share and remember what I looked like at various times during the pregnancy. Even though I've been pregnant before - I've never been pregnant with this baby. This will be my last pregnancy and I want to savour it.