Saturday, November 16, 2013

Baby, Baby!

I had a baby! I believe I may have failed to share that with y'all. Oops. 

London, 8lb 5oz, was born on July 26, 2013 at Children's Hospital after a very quick, very efficient labour and birth. He is super healthy, super cute and super loved. 

I have yet to write a proper birth story but here are some quick notes:
  • I was induced at 38w 1d with a cervidil insert - worked like a charm and contractions started about 6 hours later
  • Active labour only lasted about an hour or so....pushed for about 40 minutes and there he was
  • I had gestational diabetes and was on 4 injections of insulin a day (my reason for choosing to birth in a hospital this time)
  • I had another 2nd degree tear
  • I ended up asking for an epidural....I got it 5 minutes before I started pushing 
  • I seemed to be more alert and present for the physical part of this birth
  • I had a midwife and doula again...and an OB and two nurses
  • Nursing is going fine except for some over-supply issues
  • I'm still in shock that I created another life and that he has joined our family
London at about 30 minutes old

First family photo of 4