Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy (early) Birthday To Me

I kept forgetting my birthday was coming up! Mind you, it takes a lot of coaxing for me to really celebrate my birthday. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an unselfish martyr by any means. I just sort of forget that it's my birthday every year and then get encouraged by S. to celebrate in some way - which usually turns out very nice. This year is the last birthday as a "non mom." I'm not sure if becoming a mom will change anything but you never know. I was born one day before my mom and we always celebrated our birthdays together so maybe it will be different. That's another reason birthdays are hard for me. They make me miss my mom a lot. She would have been a youthful 66 on Wednesday. I wish I could have seen her get old. I still feel like she was robbed of her "golden years." I especially wish she could have met her newest grandchild that is on the way. I will make sure this little one knows what a wonderful woman she was.

So, back to my birthday. I have the day off work and will have a "me" day. At this point that will likely mean sleeping in as much as I can (which is getting harder to do with my growing list of aches and pains), going for a chiropractor treatment, going out for lunch somewhere, shopping for a new book and a nap.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Smack Down

Ok, maybe the title is a bit over dramatic but something has definitely happened with my little passenger. He or she seems to be riding a bit low the last few days. Which is all perfectly normal I'm sure but is also not the most comfortable feeling in the world. Not painful, just uncomfortable. A woman who was due the same day as me had a healthy baby girl last Sunday. Nothing like reading that to inject a bit more reality into the situation. I doubt baby will come early but in case he or she does, I hope it's at least after Dec. 13 so I can still plan on a home birth. Our midwife team will not deliver at home before 37 weeks. I also hope the weather cooperates. Last year, they had to cancel all planned home births because of the snow. I won't freak out if we end up at the hospital but I'm really, really hoping for a home birth more and more as time goes by. Which reminds me, we need to blow up the pool and check for holes!

In other news, our self designed, over budget, glass pony wall is complete! It looks really amazing and we're both really happy with it. The railing was supposed to be completed today as well but it has been pushed until Monday (I knew I shouldn't have jinxed it in my last post). I'm off work today and hope to spend a few hours unpacking boxes and putting stuff away. Although it's so beautiful out today I would love to get out for awhile. Maybe if I turn off my computer I'll have time for both.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mover & a Shaker

I love looking down at my belly and seeing it move and shake. It truly is one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced and I absolutely love it. The movements have changed from little kicks and wiggles to pushing and stretching and rolling around. As much as I want to meet him or her and as much as I can't wait for S to be able to share, I will miss this time I think. For all my complaining about being tired and achy - I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Being pregnant is pretty friggin' cool and amazing.

Speaking of time...the glass will be installed in our new wall on Thursday and stair railing on Friday! Holy crap. I'm almost afraid to write that down in case I jinx it. That would mean....drum roll please.....that the renos would be done! *crosses fingers* *says a silent prayer* *holds breath*

Monday, November 23, 2009

34 weeks!

What the heck happened to the last month?! I must stop saying that...or, more accurately, stop experiencing that! Baby will be "full term" in 3 weeks - but more likely to make an entrance in 6 weeks. 6 weeks!!??!! Less than 2 months. Wow. Are we ready?

Renos are done except for the new glass installed in our pony wall and the installation of the new handrail down the stairs. Both expected to be done in the next week or two (at the latest!). Upstairs is cleaned up and everything back in place. Picked up birthing pool (yay!). Had first prenatal with our doula on the weekend. Completed "Save That Child" St. John's emergency first aid course on the weekend (can you tell we're first time moms?).

Things on the "to do in the next 2 weeks" list:
  • Pick up car seat
  • Pick up home birth/water birth supplies
  • Clean up den and put everything away
  • Wash baby clothes/diapers and put away
  • Clean out fridge and pantry
  • Make roman shades for both bedrooms (this is a crazy one but I'm hoping I can actually find the time and energy to do it!)
  • Exercise and sleep
Hmm that doesn't seem too bad now. The first time I wrote it down it seemed like so much. I'm guessing it's the same list but my mood is different when looking at it this time :)

Our doula predicted that I will go into labour on New Year's Eve. That would be awesome because I would love a Jan. 1 baby!