Friday, December 14, 2007

Sub(versive)-floor removal

Nope, floors aren't installed yet. We had to remove some stone tiles from the entranceway and while pulling up the actual tiles was fairly easy and only took a few hours, the plywood subfloor is a nightmare. S spent 4 hours on it yesterday and not even one piece is up yet (looks like there are 4 small pieces). It turns out it is nailed down but that's not the problem....the problem is that the nails are hidden beneath the left over caulking and glue so we have to guess where the are and basically chip away the caulking to find each nail. Wow. Patience is a virtue right?

In other breaking news, I have done quite a bit of Christmas shopping so far. I checked off 4 more gifts last night with a trip to Oscar's Art Books after work. It is a great bookstore and they had a great sale on. Y'all should check it out - it's on Broadway, on the north side just west of Granville. Skip the Chapters across the street if you can and head straight to Oscar's.

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