Friday, March 19, 2010

First cold

Ugh. Poor Baby has a bad cold. Apparently RSV. A common virus that most kids get while under the age of 2 and usually happens in the winter. I wish she had been a bit older before getting her first cold (if she had to get it at all) but what can you do. It has been awful watching her cough and gasp for air. No real treatment other than lots of sleep and time. Up to 2 weeks the doc says. Her breathing was quite laboured last Sunday so I decided to call the BC nurse hotline. They suggested she see a doctor because of her age and suggested a walk in clinic asap. So off we went to the clinic. I spoke to the receptionist when we got there who said it was a 1.5 hour wait and that the doctor would likely send us to Children's hospital anyway..because of her age. So off we went to Children's hospital....where apparently a few other kids were visiting. Holy crap. It was PACKED. We were there for hours. We were told to sit away from others because Baby hasn't been vaccinated. I suddenly had visions of all the unknown bugs sailing around the ER and regretted bringing her there. But, we were already there and I wanted to make sure her lungs were ok and that her breathing was ok. Turns out both were ok. A little bit raspy in her chest but overall doing well. Phew. Doc said it would likely get worse, showed us how to check her breathing by watching her chest and said it would last about 2 weeks. It definitely got worse! We've been turning our bathroom into a steam room every night which seems to provide some relief. I hope she feels better soon!

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