Friday, July 23, 2010

No rest for the wicked

As we approach 7 months old, Baby is getting more and more active. She rocks and 'hops' on her hands and knees but can't quite get her belly off the ground yet. I think she's really gonna go once she gets started. While she is often content to sit and play on the floor, she tries really hard to move around. A lot. Which is often frustrating for her. And me. I try not to interfere too much other than being supportive if she's actually stuck or making sure she doesn't smack her head on anything too hard. I'm also learning to accept that some of her noises are just babbling - not necessarily a signal that she needs me. I'm having lots of fun with her as she learns new things at what seems to be an alarmingly fast rate!

New 'stuff' in Baby's life:

1. Likes going on the baby swing at the park
2. Likes pulling objects out of a bowl or any other container
3. Tried (and seems to like) pears
4. Has 2 bottom teeth and is currently working on getting the 2 upper teeth out
5. Likes being in the Ergo on Mama or Mommy's back
6. Likes the feel of grass on her feet or in her hands
7. Likes her little swimming pool on the patio on hot days
8. Liked going to her first music festivals (Lilith Fair and the Folk Fest)

I don't have much time to write these days but I'm hoping to write more thoughtful posts. Be patient with me! And, just to keep you coming back...another photo of our beautiful daughter enjoying the folk fest (and tolerating smooches from Mama).

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