Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 Determinations

Things haven't slowed down much over here since the new year started. Things are off to a fun, promising, new start. I have a few determinations this year so I thought I'd share them here. You know, so you who know me (and you who don't) can hold me to to them!

So, in no particular 2011 Determinations.
  • Be a conscious & present parent
    By this I mean, I want to be emotionally present every moment I'm with Baby and make conscious, thoughtful decisions in my parenting at every opportunity. For both "big" stuff and "small" stuff. I feel I do this already for the most part (at least I try to) and I want to continue and improve.
  • Make healthy choices
    In all areas of my life - my own physical and emotional health, my family's health, my lifestyle choices, my work, anywhere I can make a healthier choice for me, my community and the earth in general.
  • Get fit
    Wow, this is a hard one. I've never really had to work at this for the most part. But I feel really unfit physically. I'm slower, bigger, sorer, and heavier. I have specific goals in mind here so I hope I can fulfill them. I'm hoping I can be more active this year and that will help heaps.
They sound pretty simple to me. Anyone else making determinations (or resolutions or goals or whatever you call them)?

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