Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Times. No, really!

I often feel like I complain or worry or vent too much on my blog. Yeah, I know it's my blog and I can do what ever I want in my little space on the internet. Nevertheless, I thought I'd share some good, amazing and fun things that are going on in my life right now.
  • Baby is a ton of fun these days. She's a total ham, loves making us laugh, is happy to go along with most things, loves helping out with "chores," is saying so many new words (or half words)'s all very exciting and I totally get how people say they love the 1-2 year old stage.
  • I'm not only surviving my elimination diet while nursing Baby but I'm starting to enjoy it. (At times.) I'm continuing to lose weight and except for those days when I feel like I'm starving because I can't seem to get enough protein, I feel really good.
  • The weather has definitely turned towards Spring. It's warm and oh-so-beautiful here. I really, really love living in Vancouver. It's an amazing city.
  • I received the official, legal documents for my surname change this week and I'm so thrilled I finally did it. My last name was changed by my mom when I was 12 and I have now changed it back to my birth surname and I feel like I've re-claimed a part of myself.
Ok, that's enough good time charlie for now.

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