Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Holidays

S has had most of this summer off work. While not having extra money isn't the most fun, it's been great for fitting in lots of summer fun. The weather hasn't been great but we've been fortunate enough to get out and about as much as possible when it has been nice.

We visited Alice Lake a couple of times for day trips. I'd never been there before and was pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find a small lake with no boats allowed, 2 floating docks and a roped off swimming area. There is a great beach area, lots of soft grass and picnic tables/BBQ areas at the back. It's really quite lovely, a great size, and not too crowded.

I also finally convinced S to go to Golden Ears Park for a day (she thought it would be full of red necks...which it is but that shouldn't stop anyone!). It definitely has a different vibe in terms of the amount of people and all the boats around but it's quite stunning that we can drive less than 2 hours away and feel like we're in the wilderness. Gorgeous scenery, including the drive through the park to get to the lake.

We would have loved to camp at either of these lakes but they fill up so quickly that we're not likely to get a spot. Maybe next year.

We also sped up to Kelowna for a few days to visit S's brother and sister in law. It was suitably HOT and sunny and we had a very relaxing time filled with water, family and good food.

Our most recent trip was to the west coast of Vancouver Island to camp in Tofino. It is truly one of my most favourite spots in the world (that I've seen so far). It was our first camping trip with Baby. Other than the nights being a tad chilly in the tent for S and I (Baby was warm and toasty between us) and learning that a double air mattress is clearly not large enough for all three of us, we had a great time. Baby LOVED being outside so much and seemed even more content and happy than usual. Definitely a successful trip.

We hope to squeeze in another camping trip before summer is over but we're not sure where to go. Baby and I just got our new passports in the mail this week so maybe we'll head south for a couple of nights.

I feel so incredibly fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Go play outside!

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West Philly Mama said...

Looks like there was a lot of fun had! Beaches and camping is what summers are made of!