Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just a little while longer now...

Wow. We received news today that we get possession a couple of days early. This is splendid news because it means we have an extra weekend to move. Two whole days with both of us available to move. We are trying to book some cleaners to come in on the morning we take possession so it will be spick and span for us. Hopefully VanClean is available on such short notice.

Still no decision on the floors or paint colours. We need to be in the space I reckon. To know what feels right. It's all so touchy feely (but true).

We haven't picked out appliances yet either. However, we have decided to go for all stainless steel. Yes, we actually did consider just getting plain white. Heaven forbid! No stainless steel?? ALL the cool kids buy stainless. So yeah, we're going to be cool. Oh, and we both love the freezer on the bottom idea. One question , oh wise ones, why are they so much more expensive??

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