Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I've been packing a lot over the past week. I have several towers of boxes in my apartment. My cat, Carmen, thinks it's great. Me? Not so much.

Even though it's a pain, seeing all those boxes keeps me excited about unpacking them in the new place. I booked a moving truck for one day to move all the furniture. We are going to try and move most of the boxes in the car over a week. I also need to book the carpet cleaners to come in before we get a lot of furniture in. And we haven't even chosen paint colours or decided 100% on a new floor. Argh! We are leaning towards Bamboo quite heavily now though. S saw some floors today by Teragren. The really nice ones are apparently all solid though. Because we have concrete below the carpet we have to install a floating floor which means engineered hardwood rather than solid. I think we could install sub-flooring first but so far noone has advised us of that.

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