Thursday, January 31, 2008

End of January

Wow, February is right around the corner. Tomorrow actually. This week has FLOWN by. I spend so much time in meetings that I really don't have any time left in the day for actual work. I think I need to block off times in my calendar again. I have tried that in the past and while it's not the best practice, it seems to work.

Home update: I managed to scrape/remove all the remaining glue and guck on the wall and ceiling where we removed some glass cabinets. The walls are ready to be 'poly filled' but the stuff we bought to fill has disappeared. Alas, I was on a roll for a day there but have been set back yet again and am sitting back in voluntary submission. I hope to get it done tonight. Painting WILL be complete before March.

Health update: Both S and I got the Norwalk Virus last week and were very, very ill. I was off work Tues-Fri and wasn't able to have a real meal until Sunday night. I also missed the first pilates class. Class #2 tonight. I took the class last fall/winter and enjoyed it so much I'm taking it again. It runs once a week for 12 weeks and it is a great way to relax and strengthen my back and neck after sitting at a computer all week.

Movie update: I saw The Kite Runner and Juno recently. I just finished reading The Kite Runner last fall and enjoyed it. I felt like the movie may not have been as enjoyable if I hadnt' read the book. However, others who have seen it said they liked it as well. I'd suggest it's a renter. Same with Juno. I enjoyed it and it was cute but I'm not sure I agree that it's "Best Picture" material. Great soundtrack though. Charlie Wilson's War is the next one for me. And then the Great Debaters. I'll let you know.

Book update: I'm about 2/3 of the way through Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. Interesting story. I go between thinking "this kid is an immature narcissist who probably would have grown out of this" to "he's a nut!" to "he did his own thing and I admire him for that." I'm not that emotionally attached to the story however. Could be the presentation by the author. Not sure. I'll let you know how I feel when I finish it.

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