Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ready, Set, Reno!

That's reno as in renovation - not Reno the city. Although a vacation would be nice about now!! The contractor we've hired to finish off our renos just left and both S and I feel really good about the work we're getting done. I woke up at 3am last night (I actually wake up every 1-2 hours anyway but that's a different store) with anxiety about the work. I feel much better now.

I've never really been an emotional roller coaster kinda person but being pregnant has sure changed that! I feel really overwhelmed at times and mostly I don't even know why. It's an actual physical feeling that washes over me. It's very foreign to me. Other than that, the pregnancy has been going great (knock on wood). I'm 25 weeks today (just over 6 months!) and while I'm very tired and hungry a lot I mostly feel really good. Mild heartburn and swelling in my legs/ankles/feet is about as bad as it gets. It's getting harder to move around already though so I can't imagine doing some simple tasks in a month or bending over to tie my shoes! I think I'll live in my slip on Blundstone boots this fall/winter.

We're off to a home birth info night tonight. Exciting!

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