Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ready to go for Oct. 5

Renos officially start on Oct. 5! Very exciting. Contractor came by last Sunday and we had a good chat with him to discuss our concerns, ideas, etc. His explanations and ideas made us both feel better and I feel really positive about moving forward. It will be so nice to finally realize the vision we've had for our place!!

Home birth info night was great. I have already done a ton of research so we knew most of what was talked about but we both learned a few new things and it was cool being in a room with so many people excited about a home birth! The little one is kicking up a storm these days and I'm already so in love with him/her. I think it's a happy little one!! Unfortunately I'm at home today with a really sore back/muscles. I had some cramping type pain around my uterus this morning but I think it was just because of the strain on my back. It feels better now and I'm just kicking back and taking it easy today. So far, it's just what I needed!

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