Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding time

I'm neglecting this space! I had hoped to fill up this blog with lots of anecdotes about being a new mom so I could at least have some sort of journal to document Baby's first year of life. Oops. Sorry, Baby. I'm just so busy with you that when I sit down in front of my laptop I don't really know what to write. Not for lack of things to write...more because there is SO MUCH to write. Maybe I'll try and document at least one special thing each day.

So, for today...

Baby is now able to sit up beside me (propped up with me and pillows) on the couch and play. It's nice to see her becoming more and more independent and interested in things. Today we played with Sophie, 2 plastic rings and a stuffed duck ring.

Oh, and as a bonus thing...we believe that Baby loves songs that spell words. For example, me singing and dancing to YMCA is a definite favourite of hers.

We'll see how this format goes for awhile.

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