Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh geez

I haven't been writing here yet again. Bad me. No, wait. I have excuses...or reasons...they are far too profound and complex to go into here, at this moment, so for now, let's just say I've been busy!

S went back to work last week. Yay! And boo! Yay because I know she's happy when she's doing something productive work wise and of course, money coming in is always a good thing. Boo because it's been so amazing that she was able to spend the first 5 months at home with Baby! How fortunate is that?! Ah yes, fortunate we are. It is an adjustment for me being alone with Baby for so long every day. S is gone from 6am to 8pm normally and that's a loooooonnngggg time one on one with a little baby! Baby and I have already got a little routine going and so far it's working well. She is growing up SO crazy fast!! She is sitting up on her own now! Well, sort of, for short periods anyway. She grabs EVERYTHING! And she reaches out for me now which is awesome. At night when she wants to nurse she rolls over on her side towards me and reaches out with both her hands. So cute. We're all still sleeping well but I am noticing that she wants to go to bed earlier and earlier. Not sure when/if we'll get a crib. I go between wanting one to put her in until I go to bed and thinking that it's not the end of the world if she just sleeps upstairs with us until bedtime. This time seems like such a short time in her overall life. I dunno. We'll see.

I had breakfast with some good friends yesterday. I love having breakfast/brunch with a group of people. It's a very social meal and a great way to kick off a Saturday. The weather was spectacular as well so that helped make the day great as well.

Oops, baby crying, must run.

Stream of consciousness seems to be workin' for me.

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