Friday, November 26, 2010

Fevers, vomit and snot...oh my!

Baby is just getting over her first "real" cold. She had RSV at 10 weeks and has had the sniffles a couple of times but nothing that lasted more than a day. This time was different. Almost 3 days with a fever (her first fever) that peaked around 102-103, crazy amounts of snot in the nose and running everywhere and finally baby vomit covering me from the chest down. Poor thing. I managed to keep calm (yay, me) and not panic too much. We nursed LOTS, slept VERY LITTLE, and rested as much as possible. We did end up taking her to Children's Hospital on Sunday afternoon after the fever kept going up, up, up and she started to vomit. I was slightly worried about a bacterial infection. The doc was pretty confident it is just an upper respiratory virus. Her ears were clear and everything else seemed fine. We actually ended up giving her advil to bring the fever down and it worked within an hour. Neither of us wanted to have to give her any medication at such a young age but she was so miserable for so long that we really just wanted her to feel better. And we were scared. The fever disappeared by Monday and now she is just left with some nasal congestion and unfortunately, a nasty cough. Her energy is SO much better though. To celebrate, tonight she started standing up without holding on to anything. Eep.

Oh, and one molar is broken through and another is right at the surface of the gums. Teething is hard for Baby. Not fun. Especially on top of the cold. When I saw the molar popped through I wondered if it was a cold at all and not just teething related. But, we're pretty sure it was a cold made worse by teething.

I personally hate taking medication. I am super sensitive to it and often end up feeling sick from it. I can handle tylenol and advil and I have taken different medications in my life. I just don't like them. I don't like the way they make me feel physically and I don't like the way they make me feel emotionally. I feel like there is a pill for everything. We mask so much without finding out the cause of things. I know it's not possible to find a cause for everything but so often we treat symptoms with no regard to the cause. That's why I am so hesitant to give Baby pain medication for teething. I can tell when she's upset and I can tell "pain from bumping my head" cries from "I'm really tired" cries. However, I can't really tell "I'm in serious pain" cries from "something is wrong and I'm trying to tell you what it is" cries. Maybe that's the same cry. I dunno. I'm afraid of medicating every cry when maybe she's not in pain. Ugh. Just one more thing I toss around over and over in my head since becoming a parent.

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