Friday, May 27, 2011

Cute Stuff to Remember

Trying on Mama's vest
Baby is developing so quickly these days I want to indulge a bit here and record all the amazing, cute, funny things she's been doing lately....
  • SO many new words! I wasn't expecting her language to take off this early but she learns a new word every few days it seems. A lot of them are still 'half words' but still very recognizable. And she looks SO happy when we understand her.
  • I've had a cold that has turned into an annoying hang around cough. Baby asks for a tissue and holds it up to her mouth and 'coughs.' Sad that she is modeling this particular behavior of mine but so cute too.
  • Mama's little helper! She loves helping out. She sets the table! Everything ends up on one side barely on the edge but still a great accomplishment! She also loves finding the smallest possible crumb and showing it to us and walking with us over to the garbage can to put it in. She also wipes up the floor, the carpet, her toys if she finds a little cloth. Neither of us are neat freaks at all so not sure where this is coming from!
  • Dancing machine! She LOVES to dance and gets SO excited when music comes on....asking for 'more' when her favourites end. She picks up a crazy small sticker of a teddy bear and dances to the song 'dancing with teddy'...and only for that song. So clever, this girl.
  • Every bug is currently a 'bee' and she finds the smallest ant or fly when we are out for a walk and is so excited to yell out 'bee!'
  • Stacks blocks super high...very impressive, steady hand.
  • Asks to go for a nap by clearly saying 'nap' and doing the sign for it...also very cute.
  • Very particular about her footware and coats....must were certain shoes inside and out. We basically let her choose now.
  • Loves to make us laugh. Does funny walks, makes funny sounds and laughs along with us. She also likes to 'hide' things and does the sign for 'all gone' and then pull the thing out when we exclaim 'hmmm I wonder where it is??'
  • Puts diapers on her dolls and stuffies...not very well but the good intention is there!

What an amazing human being she is.


nellie said...

She's signing and chatty. She *is* clever.
Funny - she totally gets from you!

coastalwaves said...

Thanks :)