Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Moment of panic

We had a moment of panic the night before last when we got an email from our realtor saying we needed to get home insurance effective IMMEDIATELY. Ummm ok. It's 11pm on a Sunday night and we close Monday morning at 9am. Not a whole lot of time to set up insurance. We are in a unique situation with our closing and possession dates so insurance plans have been a bit convoluted. After a few phone calls however I (think) we are covered for what we need. Remember to check what is covered by the building insurance and work your personal contents insurance around that. It can make a difference. I think it's sort of funny that I have never had contents insurance when I rented yet I now suddenly feel my stuff is worthy of insurance. Ironic as I will probably have less money to buy "stuff" now than I did before.

I'm going to start packing tonight.

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