Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Planning

Even though we don't close for a few days I've already started planning a few things. Actually, we have already started shopping for hardwood floors, appliances and paint colours. We also started using an online room planner. Ikea has one as well but it doesn't work on a Mac. One strike against the Swedes. The one we are using is so far fine but for some strange reason I can't seem to find a bathroom section. Weird...

Anyway, I put together a few excel spreadsheets to keep track of our closing costs, create a moving checklist and create a new home to-do list. First up on the list: we need to replace the outlets in both bathrooms to GFCI outlets. I had no idea what that meant a week ago. Buying a home has made me smrt. Of course, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms will be the first things we do. And have the downstairs carpet cleaned. I found Green Maids Canada online but I still want to shop around. Does anyone know of any enviro friendly, non chemical carpet cleaning companies in Vancouver? I've seen trucks driving around with oranges on them but I'm not sure what the name of the company is.

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humberto said...

Hello I hired GreenMaidsCanada, they are good, they use environmentally products and my carpet is great.
You can call them.

Robert Nichools
North Vancouver