Friday, November 27, 2009

Smack Down

Ok, maybe the title is a bit over dramatic but something has definitely happened with my little passenger. He or she seems to be riding a bit low the last few days. Which is all perfectly normal I'm sure but is also not the most comfortable feeling in the world. Not painful, just uncomfortable. A woman who was due the same day as me had a healthy baby girl last Sunday. Nothing like reading that to inject a bit more reality into the situation. I doubt baby will come early but in case he or she does, I hope it's at least after Dec. 13 so I can still plan on a home birth. Our midwife team will not deliver at home before 37 weeks. I also hope the weather cooperates. Last year, they had to cancel all planned home births because of the snow. I won't freak out if we end up at the hospital but I'm really, really hoping for a home birth more and more as time goes by. Which reminds me, we need to blow up the pool and check for holes!

In other news, our self designed, over budget, glass pony wall is complete! It looks really amazing and we're both really happy with it. The railing was supposed to be completed today as well but it has been pushed until Monday (I knew I shouldn't have jinxed it in my last post). I'm off work today and hope to spend a few hours unpacking boxes and putting stuff away. Although it's so beautiful out today I would love to get out for awhile. Maybe if I turn off my computer I'll have time for both.

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