Monday, November 23, 2009

34 weeks!

What the heck happened to the last month?! I must stop saying that...or, more accurately, stop experiencing that! Baby will be "full term" in 3 weeks - but more likely to make an entrance in 6 weeks. 6 weeks!!??!! Less than 2 months. Wow. Are we ready?

Renos are done except for the new glass installed in our pony wall and the installation of the new handrail down the stairs. Both expected to be done in the next week or two (at the latest!). Upstairs is cleaned up and everything back in place. Picked up birthing pool (yay!). Had first prenatal with our doula on the weekend. Completed "Save That Child" St. John's emergency first aid course on the weekend (can you tell we're first time moms?).

Things on the "to do in the next 2 weeks" list:
  • Pick up car seat
  • Pick up home birth/water birth supplies
  • Clean up den and put everything away
  • Wash baby clothes/diapers and put away
  • Clean out fridge and pantry
  • Make roman shades for both bedrooms (this is a crazy one but I'm hoping I can actually find the time and energy to do it!)
  • Exercise and sleep
Hmm that doesn't seem too bad now. The first time I wrote it down it seemed like so much. I'm guessing it's the same list but my mood is different when looking at it this time :)

Our doula predicted that I will go into labour on New Year's Eve. That would be awesome because I would love a Jan. 1 baby!

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nellie said...

Oh I wish you'd told me about this sooner - I love hearing about what you are going through! I'll be checking back often (please keep posting)