Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winding Down...and Up

I slept in until noon today. It was a nice experience to open my eyes, look at the clock, and roll over and shut my eyes again with no guilt or anxiety about having to leap out of bed and be somewhere or do something. It's been a long time! We didn't get home until 3am though so noon doesn't seem quite as decadent as it usually is. Still a luxury though. I think baby liked the sleep in too. He or she is currently rolling around slowly and lazily while I type this. I think all the masses of food I've been eating have encouraged a growth spurt ;) I had great holiday this year - filled with good food, family and friends. And that's really more than I could hope for.

I'm finished with work completely now. It really hasn't sunk in yet that I will be off work for 15 whole months though. That just sounds like crazy talk at the moment.

And, I'm 39 weeks pregnant today. The 'official' due date is 1 week away. I'm having gentle, non rhythmic contractions a few times a day but nothing that seems to be going anywhere soon. I feel (surprisingly) patient about waiting but it is getting more and more difficult to move around and get comfortable. It will be easier now that the holidays are over and I can sleep whenever I want without a big list of things I need to do. People ask both of us "are you ready?" a lot. S and I were talking about that last night. It's hard to "be ready" for something that is so new and foreign to both of us. Physically, I'd say I'm ready. Emotionally, I dunno - can anyone really be ready for something as life changing as giving birth and becoming a mom to someone? I think, for me, "being ready" means being open. Having an open heart and an open mind to everything that will come my way. I am ready to love this baby.

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