Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Word

Stolen from another blog...

Hair – thick
Your Mother – missed
Your Father – young
Fav Food – dip
Dream Last Night – gym
Fav Drink – tea
What room are you in? – livingroom
Hobby – photography
Fear – death
Where were you last night? – home
Something that you aren’t – fit
Muffins – corn
Wish List Item – love
Where you grew up – bc
What you are wearing – pjs
Your Pet – different
Friends – amazing
Something you’re not wearing – disguise
Fav Store – none
Fav Color – changes
Last time you laughed – today
Your Best Friend – love
Best Place you go over and over – bed
Person who you email regularly – kyra
Fav Place to Eat – out


slw said...

LOL - 'Your pet - Different'. That's funny.

coastalwaves said...

lol well, they both are a little "different" and they are different from each other :p