Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 Weeks Old!

Oh, how the time flies!! Some days I can't remember life without Baby and some days it seems like she just arrived! We have settled into somewhat of a routine. Baby sleeps for a couple hours at a time in her snuggle nest inbetween us during the night which is great! I'd say I end up with about 4-5 hours sleep a night - much better than the ohhhhh 45 minutes or so I got the first few nights!

We were told that some babies spit up more often than others and if they are going to be "pukers" then it usually starts around the second week. We suspect Baby may be one of them as she's spit up quite impressively 3 times since last night. I think I'll start wearing plastic clothes and dressing her in plastic clothes as well since we will obviously both have to change our clothes several times a day otherwise. She's nursing amazingly well which I'm so grateful for. After the first day of nursing my nipples were so sore and cracked and bleeding that I was literally in tears every time I fed her. I suffered with it for 2 more days and then at the midwife's suggestion I pumped for 24 hours, fed her via syringe/finger and gave my nipples a break. The next morning I tried again and voila! no pain! I was SO relieved and so very happy. Breastfeeding is very important to me and I'm so glad I'm able to do it with joy now. Baby is an awesome eater! Even when she does spit it back up on me after she eats it!

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