Tuesday, January 19, 2010

She's a party girl

Baby attended her first 'meet the baby' shower last night. We had requested no shower before she was born as we preferred something after she was already here safe and sound - slightly superstitious I guess. It was really nice to see everyone and both S and I were very grateful that everyone took time out of their busy schedule to come and meet her. Last night's get together was mostly for family...another 'meet the baby' shower is happening next Sunday....mostly for friends. Baby is a very fortunate little girl to have so many wonderful people in her life! The gifts were much appreciated (yes, even the pink, frilly, "muffin top" outfit that made S cringe lol). The host of the shower also made custom chocolate bars with photos of Baby on the packaging - very cool idea. Tomorrow, S, Baby and I and my 2 nieces are heading out to see my Grandma, Aunt and another very good friend. I'm looking forward to it! Baby doesn't have any living grandparents but she is lucky enough to still have a healthy, happy great grandmother in her life.

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