Sunday, September 26, 2010

First road trip

We went on our first road trip as a family this weekend. It wasn't a terribly long one. We went to Kelowna. We did 2 stops, one in Hope and one in Merritt. It took us about 6 hours in total. I was worried that Baby would really hate being in the car that long. Lucky for us (!) she only napped for 1 hour the day before and had a late night the night before. So she pretty much slept the whole way. It was good, I guess. Good for the road trip, good she got some sleep but sad she was that tired and sad that it takes a long car ride to get that much sleep!

Napping while there was a gong show as well. Very little sleep. Very tired baby when we got home tonight. She seemed fairly happy while we were there and seemed to enjoy it without feeling the effects on no napping. The meltdown came tonight :( Poor thing. She conked out beside me over an hour ago and has not stirred.

Oops, my typing woke her up I think.

Ok, back asleep.

Anyway, it was very challenging to try and follow her cues while away and get her down to sleep when she needed it. So many people around and a different environment. She is so interested in everything that it is getting SO difficult to wind her down to even nurse. Which results in all night nursing sessions. Which results in a very tired, drained Mama.

But, of course, they tell me it's just a phase.

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