Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time Out

I spent some time on my own this past weekend. I went for a hair cut which is always exciting for me. I got it cut very short. Short, but not boy-ish. That's what I asked Layne, my friend and hair cutter, to do. He delivered and it's super cute and super easy. Perfect!

I then went off to a sewing class at Spool of Thread. I googled "how to set up a sewing club" a couple of weeks ago and came across the Spool of Thread website. It is only about 15 minutes (drive) from our house and is very funky, bright and fun. They have been open for 3 months or so and it would appear that business is booming. I had a GREAT time. I made a reversible tote bag. It turned out really well and I love that I actually made something so "finished" looking. I'm already planning on signing up for another class.

Guess what everyone is getting for gifts in the next year?!

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